Until now, most shoe technologies have been one-dimensional, offering only one benefit. They were encased in a block of foam, meaning they could not function independently with specialization for specific functions. But a-cubed is different - it offers three important benefits; it Cushions, Guides and Drives the foot for optimal athletic performance. It's an Energy Management System that optimizes athletic performance by addressing the specific needs and motions of each individual sport.

By minimizing strike impact, directing the foot's natural motion, and giving back the maximum energy you put in, the a-cubed system protects your foot and helps turn your raw energy into power. a-cubed manages the foot's natural energy by:
  • Dissipating harmful impact forces
  • Steering the foot through a neutral, biomechanically correct footstrike
  • Stabilizing and protecting the foot from overpronation
  • Providing an efficient transition from the rearfoot to the forefoot

a-cubed's outstanding cushioning absorbs the shock of landing. Increased stability guides your lateral game and effective transfer of energy drives you forward and upward. During the running and landing phase energy is redirected to:
  • Dissipate peak impact forces
  • Stabilize and guide the foot
  • Provide an efficient transition from heel to forefoot
  • Provides stability and control during linear and lateral movements