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Pro Performance Sports SKLZ Power Stick
Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pro Performance Sports has identified a significant quality concern with the SKLZ Power Stick product. The assembly method of the weight receptacle at the end of the bat may be insufficient to withstand regular and repeated use. See diagram A. If the weight receptacle comes loose it could detach and impose a safety hazard for the user or individuals around them.

Diagram A.

Diagram A

We are instituting a 100% re-call on all SKLZ Power Stick product. The SKLZ Power Stick product with blister pack of weights and balls can be identified in diagram B.

Diagram B.

Diagram B

Power Stick with Weights

This re-call does not affect the SKLZ Quick Stick, only the SKLZ Power Stick product. The SKLZ Power Stick is the heavier training bat with variable length and variable weight. [blister pack includes balls and weights] A Pro Performance Sports representative will call you with re-call/return instructions. If you have further questions, please call John Schulte, VP of Sales at 858-472-6987.


Tom Quinn
Pro Performance Sports, LLC
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