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Defiance Wetsuit Sizing Chart

Use these charts to help determine which wetsuit size will best fit you

Men's Wetsuits
S110-130 lbs5'3"-5'6"
M140-160 lbs5'6"-5'8"
L170-190 lbs5'9"-6'1"
XL190-210 lbs5'11"-6'3"
XXL210-230 lbs6'-6'4"
XXL220-250 lbs6' +

Women's Wetsuits
XS95-110 lbs5'-5'2"
S105-115 lbs5'2"-5'5"
M120-135 lbs5'5"-5'8"
L145-160 lbs5'7"-5'10"
XLover 155 lbs5'9"+

Junior Wetsuits
XS40-50 lbs3'8"-4'2"
S50-60 lbs4'2"-4'6"
M60-75 lbs4'6"-4'10"
L70-90 lbs4'10"-5'
XL90-100 lbs5'-5'4"

Kids' Wetsuits
C015-25 lbs6-9 mos
C120-30 lbs9-12 mos
C225-35 lbs1-2 years
C330-40 lbs3-4 years
C440-50 lbs5-6 years