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How To Buy Women's Golf Clubs

Women golfers now better understand the necessity of making a good investment in golf clubs. Buying the right golf clubs for women is an important investment because it could mean the difference between abandoning the game and playing it for a lifetime. The choice in women's golf clubs has grown dramatically and it's important to know what each woman-specific club offers, whether it's a lightweight and more controllable design or a simple differences in length.


  • Woods made for women are often lighter for faster swing speeds and more distance.
  • Some lines are designed to suit variable heights, because a golfer who is 5'2" shouldn't be playing with clubs built for someone who is 5'8".
  • Women's woods that don't specify the size for which they are designed generally suit people between 5'5" and 5'9".


  • Look for irons that are super-light and easy to control.
  • More and more women are using utility woods in place of long irons. Most women find it easier to hit 7- and 9-woods consistently, so they replace 3-irons and 4-irons. It is not uncommon for avid women golfers to have a driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, 7-wood and 9-wood in the bag.
  • These woods have heads that offer larger hitting areas than traditional irons, so that makes them easier to hit and get the ball airborne.
  • The soles on the wood clubheads are designed to glide along the ground, which leads to better contact and straighter shots.
  • Finally, the overall length of a 7-wood, for example, is longer than a traditional 4-iron. This creates more clubhead speed for greater distance.

Short Game

  • Look for women's clubs that are lighter in weight and shorter in length, so they are more comfortable to use.
  • Wedges are sold by degrees of loft, with the standard sand wedge at 56 degrees. The lob wedge, which can also be used in bunkers, has 60 degrees of loft. Both serve well in the trouble shots around the green.
  • Most novice golfers use their putter more than any other in the bag. It requires the most precision, so it must feel and fit right. A 33-inch putter suits most women 5-5 and under. For women 5-6 and above, length is determined by personal preference.

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