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Hyperflex Wetsuit Sizing Chart

Use these charts to help determine which wetsuit size will best fit you

Women's Wetsuits
Bust29-31 in31-33 in33-35 in35-37 in37-39 in39-41 in
Waist24-26 in26-28 in27-29 in30-32 in32-34 in34-36 in
Hips32-34 in34-36 in36-38 in38-40 in40-42 in40-42 in
Weight110 lbs115 lbs120 lbs130 lbs140 lbs150 lbs

Men's Wetsuits
Chest34-36 in36-38 in38-40 in38-40 in39-41 in40-42 in
Waist29-31 in31-33 in33-35 in33-35 in34-36 in35-37 in
Weight125-135 lbs135-150 lbs150-170 lbs150-170 lbs155-175 lbs170-190 lbs
Height5'6" 5'8" 5'10"5'8" 5'10"5'11"
Chest40-42 in40-42 in42-44 in42-44 in42-44 in44-46 in46-48 in
Waist35-37 in35-37 in37-39 in37-39 in37-39 in39-41 in41-44 in
Weight170-190 lbs175-195 lbs190-210 lbs190-210 lbs195-215 lbs210-230 lbs230-250 lbs
Height5'9" 6'1" 6'0" 5'10"6'2" 6'1" 6'2"

Junior Wetsuits
Size10 12 14 16
Weight75-90 lbs90-105 lbs105-120 lbs120-135 lbs

Child Wetsuits
Size2 4 6 8
Weight30-40 lbs40-50 lbs50-60 lbs60-75 lbs