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Bike Sizing Charts

Kids' Bikes

Kids' bikes are measured by wheel size (diameter).

Wheel Size10" and 12"16"18"20"24"
Age1.5-5 years4-8 years6-9 years7-12 yearsTeen

Adult Bikes

Adult bikes come in several different wheel sizes, depending on the type of bike. Road and hybrid bikes generally have 700c wheels; mountain, comfort and cruiser bikes can have 26", 27.5" or 29" wheels. However, adult bike fit is more often determined by the frame size:

  • If a bike only comes in one size, it will usually fit most adults 5'3" or taller.
  • If a bike comes in multiple sizes, refer to the chart and links below to determine the best fit for you.
Frame Size16-17.5"18-19.5"20-22"
Height66-70"70-73"72" and up

Click here for the Diamondback size chart.

Click here for the Trayl size chart.

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