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Easton Bat Technologies

In 2006, Easton Sports presented the Stealth Comp CNT bat line, the world's first carbon nanotube two-piece all-composite bats. This guide explains Easton's cutting-edge bat technologies and materials.

Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Technology

The addition of CNT, made possible by Zyvex NanoSolve™ materials and exclusive to Easton, strengthens composite structures to provide improved handle designs with optimized flex, responsiveness, and more "kick" through the hitting zone for maximum performance within the legal limits of the game.

Sixteen times stronger than steel and one billionth of a meter in size, CNT is one of the strongest fibers ever be made. It enhances the strength of Easton's resins to unprecedented levels, resulting in revolutionary design and unparalleled performance. Look for it in all "STEALTH" baseball and softball models.

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ConneXion™ Z-Core Technology

  • Easton's exclusive patented two-piece technology: Separate handle and barrel are connected and permanently bonded together with an elastomer ConneXion piece.
  • The Focus Flex power of the Connexion piece stores and releases more energy to the ball, resulting in greater average performance.
  • The ConneXion piece eliminates all vibration, resulting in a sweet spot that extends from the taper to the end of the barrel.

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The Stealth Comp CNT Bat

Easton's Stealth Comp CNT is the world's first CNT carbon nanotube all-composite baseball bat. It combines CNT, sixteen times stronger than steel and one of the strongest fibers ever made, with Easton's patented ConneXion™ design for optimum barrel whip through the hitting zone.

Here's how it works:

Start with superior performing composites. Unlike aluminum that has the same strength and stiffness in all directions, composite fibers have very high strength and stiffness in the direction of the fibers but much lower strength and stiffness across the fibers. This allows Easton to customize bat barrel flex using exclusive patented design technologies.

Add exclusive CNT carbon nanotube technology. The addition of CNT, made possible by Zyvex NanoSolve™ materials, strengthens composite structures to allow for bigger sweet spots and maximum performance along the entire length of the barrel.

Maximize bat head speed with the patented 2-piece ConneXion™. Acting like a hinge, the ConneXion™ provides the most efficient energy transfer from handle to barrel, resulting in maximum bat head "whip" for a quicker bat and more power through the hitting zone.

Stealth Comp CNT models are available in Adult Baseball (BCN4), Senior League Baseball (BCN14, -9), Youth Baseball (LCN4, -11 and LCN5, -9), Slow-Pitch (SCN4, USSSA approved and SCN5, ASA approved), and Fastpitch (SCN4B, -10 and SCN5B, -9).

Stealth Comp CNT Technology

  • CNT Carbon Nanotube technology strengths composite structures, optimizing designs for maximum performance
  • Patented Extended Flex™ design lengthens the sweet spot by increasing the barrel flex towards the contour and end of the bat to provide maximum performance along the entire length of the barrel
  • Easton's patented Opti-Flex™ CNT composite handle technology provides maximum handle flex -- 2 times greater than aluminum
  • Patented ConneXion™ technology acts like a hinge to provide the most efficient energy transfer from handle to barrel for maximum bat head "whip" for a quicker bat and more power through the hitting zone
  • Patented IMX™ -- Integrated MatriX technology optimizes the relationship between materials, design technologies and manufacturing process
  • BESR Certified -- 2 5/8" diameter barrel and -3 length-to-weight ratio
  • Extended barrel for maximum hitting area
  • Thin 31/32" tapered handle with Pro-Tack cushioned grip
  • Exclusive 400-day manufacturer's warranty

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Evolution of Easton Bat Alloys

7046 ALLOY: This was the original alloy used initially by most all metal bat manufacturers. It is still used today in many models of bats made by Easton and other aluminum bat suppliers. 7046 Alloy out-performs any wood bat in power and durability, and it is a better value than wood because it outlasts wood many times over. It is a lower-priced alloy that offers good durability and value in a bat where "high-tech" performance is not an issue (e.g. beginner-level little league or recreational softball).

CU-31/7050 ALLOY: This strong, lightweight alloy was patented by Alcoa Aluminum, Inc. as CU-31 for use in military and commercial aircraft. After Alcoa's patent expired in 1996, other suppliers offered this same alloy under the name of 7050 (the generic name for Alcoa's patented CU-31). With their B5-Pro Big Barrel Baseball Bat in the early 80s, Easton and CU-31 Aluminum revolutionized the bat industry in terms of high quality and high performance. Easton later used this alloy in their Little League and Softball Bat line in certain early key performance models and now uses this CU-31/7050 alloy in their Recreational and Mid-Level Performance bat models.

EA-70 and EA-70+ ALLOYS: Bats using these alloys were developed to meet player demands for increased performance, power strength, and bat speed. Both alloys were Easton Exclusives, developed in a joint venture with Alcoa Aluminum and introduced to the market in 1990. EA-70 was a modified version of CU-31 that Easton used as a "step-up" alloy from CU-31. It was stronger, lighter, and better performing than CU-31. EA-70+ was even stronger and lighter yet.

C-CORE BATS: Easton developed a proprietary process of combining exotic Aluminum alloys and Carbon Graphite to produce one of the lightest and liveliest bats ever made. By laminating Carbon Graphite (a proprietary Easton process) to the inside of the barrel, the bat wall can be made thinner and stronger than conventional Aluminum Bats.

C405 Ultra ALLOY: This ALCOA alloy is a high-strength aluminum alloy which is 13% stronger than CU-31/7050 and 9% stronger than EA 70. The added strength and toughness of C405 means that this alloy can be used to design bats with thinner walls to increase performance. Easton has combined this new alloy with some exclusive manufacturing and design technology to produce the Reflex Power Contour Series and Reflex C-Core Series of bats. Other bat brands offer the C405 alloy but do not have the inner-technology (i.e. C-Core) to develop and maximize all the advantages offered by C405.

SC500 ALLOY: This alloy was developed by Easton Aluminum Co. in an exclusive joint venture with Kaiser Aluminum and Ashurst Technology Group. This performance alloy, which is 19% stronger than CU-31 and 6% stronger than C405 or C405+, features the addition of a rare earth metal called Scandium, originally developed in the Soviet Union. This alloy, when combined with Easton's exclusive Carbon Core (Z-Core) technology, creates the thinnest-walled, strongest Baseball or Softball bat produced thus far, including 3.25 Titanium.

Sc777 ALLOY- This alloy was introduced in 2001 and developed exclusively for Easton by Kaiser Aluminum for the baseball and softball markets. This alloy consists of aluminum, magnesium, copper, and zinc. Kaiser changed the formulation to maximize strength and toughness. Sc777 is 9% stronger and 175% tougher than Sc500 and C555.

Sc888 ALLOY - This Advanced Metal Matrix Design was introduced in 2003 and developed exclusively for Easton by Kaiser Aluminum for the baseball and softball markets. Sc888 increases strength and toughness by over 10% compared to the highly successful SC777 alloy.

Sc900 ALLOY- This Advanced Metal Matrix Design was introduced in 2005 and developed exclusively for Easton by Kaiser Aluminum for the baseball and softball markets. This alloy consists of aluminum, magnesium, scandium, copper and zinc. It provides an average 4ksi additional strength and a 10% increase in toughness compared to the Sc888 alloy. Conventional technology says that if you increase the "strength" (ksi) or dent resistance of aluminum alloys, there is a significant loss in the material's "toughness" or crack resistance. However, Easton's SC900 alloy provides the strongest, highest-performing barrels in baseball and softball: 10% tougher and stronger than Sc888. Easton bats made with Sc900 alloy come with a 400-day manufacturer's warranty.

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