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How To Buy A Stairclimber

Stairclimbers provide an efficient cardiovascular workout while improving the muscle tone in your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calves.

Types of Stairclimbers


  • Have motors that regulate the movement of the steps
  • Similar to health club models
  • Motorized action regulates the activity
  • Can be programmed to monitor and store your workout
  • Less impact on joints since the movement of the steps is regulated by the machine


  • Less expensive than more sophisticated motorized equipment
  • Come with a variety of options, such as computerized controls
  • Pistons utilize air pressure to regulate the stepping motion
  • Manual steppers are quieter and usually take up less room

Other Options

  • Other options include readouts of calories burned, along with an ability to monitor the intensity of the workout

Foot Action

  • Dependent foot action requires pushing down on one step to raise the other
  • Independent action requires you to lift your lower foot and therefore provides a more strenuous workout

Feedback Mechanisms

  • At the minimum you will want a system that reports your pace, the distance covered and the time elapsed
  • Many steppers today also provide calories burned, speed, heart rate and more.


  • Hydraulic shocks allow you to control the amount of resistance during your workout.
  • Independent shocks act freely for a more balanced workout.

Resistance Type

  • Adjustable resistance allows you to vary your workout level for more or less intensity.
  • Magnetic resistance offers smooth, predictable changes in resistance.

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