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How To Buy Scooter Safety Equipment

Scooters are easy to ride and generally safe. But like any recreational equipment, you should take proper precautions to ensure safe riding. In general riders wearing safety equipment will be less concerned about injury and enjoy their riding experience more as a result.


  • Helmets need to be worn by all scooter riders, at all ability levels, at all times to prevent head injuries
  • The helmet must fit securely and be buckled or fastened
  • Helmets should not have slack--that is, the helmet should not move on your head when you move your head
  • The front of the helmet should come down to a finger's width above your eyebrows
  • Bike style helmets, made from expanded polystyrene, offer the most protection on impact, but must be replaced after any impact

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Knee Pads

  • All scooter riders--especially beginners--should wear knee pads to prevent knee injuries and scrapes during a fall
  • Pads need to be fastened securely around the leg
  • Pads usually are sized small, medium and large according to your body size

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Elbow Pads

  • Elbow pads are highly recommended for beginners as well as all aggressive riders
  • Pads are sized small, medium and large according to body size

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  • Hand protection is recommended
  • Protective gloves are sized small, medium and large according to hand size

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  • Reflective gear is a must when riding in any low-light situations
  • Recommended reflective gear includes headbands, wristbands, vests, or ankle bands
  • Reflective gear is typically one-size-fits-all with hook-and-loop adjustments

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