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Serengeti Technology Glossary

Photochromic Lenses
Automatically darken in bright sunlight for enhanced definition and lighten in overcast conditions for needed contrast.

Cuts glare significantly by only allowing optimum parallel light waves through.

Spectral Control® System
Fine-tunes the full spectrum of light, selectively blocking and filtering each wavelength.

Polarmax(TM) Lens
Combines lightweight polycarbonate lenses with polarization and photochromic features to provide enhanced optical performance and protection.

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Specific Glass Lens Technology

This versatile lens enhances vision regardless of weather conditions. Automatically adjusting to changing light, it can be used it fog, rain and bright sunlight. This lens can be used by professional drivers, military and commercial airline pilots.

  • 24% transmittance lightened lens
  • 9% transmittance darkened lens

This lens is engineered to maximize the transmission of green and yellow in low-light conditions, thus providing better contrast and image definition. This lens also features a silver flash coating that helps block glare from the sun above and water and ice below.

  • 15% transmittance lightened lens
  • 9% transmittance darkened lens

The lens offers advanced technology by combining Spectral Control® filters and photochromic properties with and optically correct and technically efficient polarizing. The Strata is comes in Drivers® and 555NM® colored lenses.

  • Drivers® Polarized Lens
    • 18% transmittance lightened lens
    • 10% transmittance darkened lens
  • 555NM® Polarized Lens
    • 15% transmittance lightened lens
    • 8% transmittance darkened lens

This high-contrast, rose-colored lens enables enhanced image definition in all types of daylight, excelling in flat light. It provides improved contrast and clarity during harsh light conditions for skiers, golfers, water sport enthusiasts, and more.

  • 24% transmittance lightened lens
  • 9% transmittance darkened lens

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