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Spy Optic Technology Glossary

Spy Frame Technology

Scoop® Venting System:
The patented Scoop® venting system eliminates lens fogging by increasing airflow behind the lens. The Scoop system forces air through strategically placed vents of varying aperture on the sunglass frame to reduce fogging by creating what's known as a Venturi effect. The Venturi effect is a phenomenon where air accelerates (and reduces air pressure) as it is forced from a larger area to a smaller area. Scoop® technology is protected by 5 U.S. patents.

Spy's Scoop® frames utilize Grilamid as the predominant frame material. Injection-molded Grilamid is an exceptionally lightweight sport material that is shatter-resistant and remains pliable in all weather conditions. Most Scoop® frames incorporate Hytrel rubber on the bridge and temple tips. Hytrel rubber is a unique compound that increases in tackiness when wet.

Men's and women's fashion frames are made from propionate and offers a smooth, dense finish that is very comfortable on the face. Propionate frames utilize a wide variety of unique colorations and fades that are polished for a high-gloss finish. Spy is one of the only action-sports brands to offer high-quality fashion frames in propionate. Many Spy frames in propionate also offer adjustable, wire-core temples for a custom fit.

Nickel Silver:
Nickel silver frames utilize an engineered integration of three metals to produce a lightweight and pliable - yet strong - frame.

Lightweight forged-aluminum frames are engineered with spring hinges for total comfort. These frames utilize durable anodized finished that are hypoallergenic.

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Spy Lens Technology

ARC(tm) (Accurate Radius Curvature) lenses are used throughout our high-wrap collections to provide optically correct, distortion-free vision. Using the same technology astronauts and fighter pilots use on their helmet shields, ARC(tm) lenses complement the natural curvature of the human eye and become thinner as they move away from the optical center of the lens. ARC(tm) lenses are engineered to eliminate distortion and provide a total absence of prismatic aberration and astigmatism. All ARC(tm) lenses are Optical Class 1 quality.

UV Protection:
In addition to providing the highest in optical clarity, Spy lenses provide 100% UV protection. All Spy lenses, including clear, absorb 100% of ultraviolet light, including UVA, UVB, and UVC, and provide powerful protection against the harmful effects of all types of solar radiation. Filtering agents are integrated in the lens-manufacturing process and provide eye protection in every type of environment.

Polycarbonate (PC) Lenses:
Spy's performance Scoop® sport collection utilizes lenses that are optically engineered to offer exceptional strength and shatter resistance. Spy performance series lenses undergo extensive testing and will no crack or shatter when impacted by a steel ball bearing at 160km/hr. They have also passed tests where a 500-gram pointed weight is dropped on them. Spy polycarbonate sport lenses have a polysiloxane coating that is heat-hardened at 120 degrees Celsius to give the lenses incredibly high resistance to scratching and abrasion.

CR-39 Lenses:
Many of Spy's fashion frames are fitted with CR-39 lenses. This lens material is hard-coated to resist scratching. A benefit to CR-39 lenses is the unique lens fades that are not possible on PC lenses.

Trident(tm) Polarized (PC and CR-39) Lenses:
Spy manufacturers high-quality injected Trident(tm) Polarized lenses. Spy's Trident(tm) Polarized lenses diffuse glare through the use of highly advanced polarizing filter placed between 2 injected lens layers, allowing incredible clarity, even in the harshest conditions. Trident(tm) Polarized lenses effectively eliminate over 99% of blinding glare. All Spy polarized lenses conform to the Optical Class 1 system.

Mirror Coatings:
Spy utilizes vacuum-applied mirror coatings that manipulate the light spectrum for maximum visual performance. These lens coatings are specifically engineered to selectively filter out light waves that cause eye fatigue and discomfort. Spy offers a number of coating layers to achieve different colors by absorbing and reflecting different wavelengths in the light spectrum.

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