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You are now ready to complete your purchase. Follow these simple Checkout steps:

  • Sign In. Whether you are a new customer or a returning member, you must sign in with your e-mail address and a password.
    • Your e-mail address serves as a convenient way to receive important information about your order and serves as your account identification.
    • Your account stores information such as your billing and shipping address. It also offers you order tracking capabilities to track your order.
    • The password assures that only you can have access to your account information.

After entering your email and password, new customers will follow the steps below. Returning customers are taken directly to the Review Your Order page*.

  • Shipping and Billing. Enter your shipping address and your billing information as it appears on your credit card statement. You will be prompted to enter a billing and shipping address for the item(s) being purchased. Your credit card will not be accepted without the appropriate billing address. If you are a returning customer, your billing address will automatically appear on the Review Your Order page*. If you wish to add a new address you may do so at this time by clicking on "Edit."

  • Select Your Shipping Method. From the options provided, select from the shipping methods that are available for the item(s) you wish to purchase. For complete shipping information, click here.

  • Gift Options. Many items can be gift-wrapped or include gift messages. If you are purchasing an item that can be gift-wrapped or include a gift message, you will be presented with the choice on the Shipping Methods page and the Review Your Order page of checkout. Click on the Gift Wrap or Gift Message option. To learn more about Gift Wrap, click here.

  • Select a Payment Method. At this time, you must verify your billing address and enter your payment method.
    • If you have a Gift Certificate or Discount Code, enter it in the box under "Gift Certificates and Discount Codes" and click "Apply." Please note: If you have a Gift Certificate or Discount Code, enter it and click "Apply" before completing the checkout. For more information about Gift Certificates and Discount Codes, click here.
    • Confirm your billing information, select a payment method and click "Continue Checkout." To review all of your payment options, click here.

  • *Review Your Order. On the Review Your Order page, you can review your entire order, including your shipping address, shipping method(s), and billing information, all of which can be edited at this point. You will also see your applied discounts and promotions, total charges, and gift options. To complete your purchase, click on "Send My Order."

  • Receipt Page. After you complete the checkout process, the Receipt Page provides you with your order number and information about the order. Keep your order number in a safe place; it will be needed for all order references. Print this screen and save it for your records.