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Comparison Charts

Our detailed Comparison Charts are available for a variety of products. They offer you the ability to compare the benefits of similar products in a category, with the convenience of one easy-to-read chart that is customized by you. Follow these simple steps to compare products:

  • Click "Compare Products" on the Product Detail Page.
  • A list of all the products in the category will be displayed.
  • Use the drop-down window next to the "Show" button to narrow the list of products by selecting only those products of a particular brand or price range.
  • Use the drop-down window next to the "Sort" button to organize the list of products by highest to lowest price, from A to Z, from Z to A, or grouped by brand.
  • Click on the box next to each product you would like to compare, or "Select All" at the top of the list and all of the products will automatically be selected.
  • Click on "Display Comparison Grid" and the products you have selected will be displayed in a column on the left, and key features for comparing the products on the top from left to right.
  • Scroll up and down, or left and right to see more products and features.
  • At any time, you can click on a product to view more information. If you would like to view more information for other products in the grid, simply click the "Previous Product" or "Next Product" links.
  • From the Product Page, you can add the product to your Shopping Cart and purchase the product.