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Redeeming an Online Gift Certificate or Gift Card

Steps for redeeming an Online Gift Certificate or Gift Card:

  1. On either the Payment page or the Review Your Order page in Checkout, enter the code, exactly as it appears, in the box next to "Gift Certificates and Discount Codes or "Gift Card Number."
  2. Codes are case sensitive.
  3. Click "Apply."
  4. If you have more than one Online Gift Certificate code, simply enter each code and click "Apply" after each one.

Please note:

  • Gart Sports, Sportmart and Oshman's customers with unused Online Gift Certificates can simply enter their Gift Certificate Code on the same way Online Gift Certificates are entered above.
  • If Gart Sports, Sportmart and Oshman's customers have a partially used Online Gift Certificate with a remaining balance, this balance will not display on the Payment page, but the Gift Certificate Code is still valid for the amount that is remaining on the certificate.
  • You can also use your Sports Authority, Gart Sports, Sportmart or Oshman's Gift Cards as payment.

For additional information about our Gift Services, click here.