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There are two key factors that football players use gloves for – grip and protection.

Receivers Gloves

Players who catch the ball on a regular basis, such as running backs and receivers, use gloves to grip and take control of the ball. They need:

  • Soft flexibility for finger movement,
  • Tact palms and fingers for gripping power,
  • Padding on the back of the glove that doesn’t get in the way of mobility, but does protect against light impact.

Lineman Gloves

These gloves have a protective focus. The lineup starts with their hands on the field, in prime position to be stepped on. In the clutch, the gloves protect against hyperextension, scrapes, and other damage. Linebackers need:

  • Thick protection on the backs and palms,
  • Stiff, supported fingers to keep them from bending backwards, but flexibility in a forward motion to grab onto opposing players,
  • Durability and tough materials to withstand rough contact.

Features to Consider

Like all equipment, gloves are a balance of protection vs. performance. Check out these features, and figure out how to balance them against your athletic needs.

  • Vents and breathable material
  • Removable padding
  • Tack & Grip
  • Fingerless
  • Insulation for cold weather play
  • Compression for skin-tight fit
  • Stays (struts) in the fingers for lineman gloves

Types of tack and grip offered

  • Cutters C-Tack: The grip is a part of the material, and thus is easily cleaned and can’t be removed through use or cleaning. This grip performs in all kinds of weather. To clean, simply machine wash or wipe with a damp towel. Air-dry.
  • Nike Magnigrip CL: Although the grip feature of this technology can lose some of its stickiness with a dusting of dirt, a simple wash with water brings the sticky back to full use. Hand wash in cold water. Air-dry.
  • Under Armour GrabTack: The palm and thumb is treated with a tack that loses stickiness against dirt, but recovers after a full cold water hand wash. Air-dry.
  • adidas Silicone: Seamless, double-coated, high gloss palm with strong traction. Wipe clean with a damp cloth then air-dry to restore stickiness.
  • adidas GripTack: Performs in all weather conditions and with multiple surfaces.
  • Reebok Griptonite: Like C-Tack, the grip is incorporated into the material of the palm. Designed to stay tacky even when wet. Hand wash in cold water. Air-dry.
  • Palmgard Dura-Tack: Machine washable leather grip. Air-dry.
  • Palmgard Grip Tack: Machine washable synthetic grip. Air-dry.