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GLD Reno II Billiard Table -

GLD Reno II Billiard Table


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GLD Frisco II Billiard Table -

GLD Frisco II Billiard Table


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Once upon a time, after a grueling day at the office, Goldilocks decided to stop by the Three Bear’s Pub for a drink and a quick game of 8 ball. With a frosty glass in hand, she walked to the back of the dimly-lit bar to where three pool tables—one topped with red felt, one green and one blue—sat racked and ready to go. But which one should she play on?


Everyone in the land knew Goldilocks had a very strong and sturdy shot, and she needed a table that could handle her no-nonsense style of play.  The red-felt table had leather pockets, which looked great but were more equipped for home use. The green-topped pool table featured affordable plastic pockets, but Goldilocks feared her fast shots might crack the damage-prone material. But the third table, topped with blue felt, had durable rubber pockets, which was just right for Goldi’s aggressive play. Plus, the table also featured a ball return system for easy clean up and re-racking.


Goldilocks went back to the first table. Its dimensions were 7’ X 3.5’, which was a little too small for her taste—it just didn’t give her enough room to play her game her way. The next table had dimensions of 9’ x 4.5’, which was just the opposite of the first table. It gave her too much room, and Goldilocks was afraid the large plane would affect her accuracy. But the third table, which was 8.5’ x 4.25’, was just right for Goldilocks to showcase her dominant skills.


Goldilocks wanted to shoot on a table as sturdy as her game, so she inspected the frames of the pool tables. The first table’s frame was made from plywood, which is a great option for home sets that see occasional use. The second was made from aluminum, which provided a bit more stability but still wasn’t up to Goldi’s standards. But the third table’s frame, constructed from self-healing hardwood, was just right. She knew could it handle her weight during those tricky shots where she sits on the side of the rail.

Bed Top

Goldilocks wanted to play on a table with a sturdy bed top that could handle her pin-point shots. The first table featured a plywood bed top, which is an ideal choice for personal use in dry climates. Unfortunately, The Three Bear Pub was in a humid climate, which had caused the plywood to slightly warp over time. The second featured a bed top made of a honeycomb plastic composite, which was lightweight and sturdy, but had seen a lot of use through the years. But the third table was made from diamond-honed slate, which was durable, perfectly even and would stay that way for decades.

Bumpers and Rails

After inspecting the bed tops, Goldilocks had made her decision: she was to play on the third table. Besides, it had a diamond system, which is a series of dots on the outside of the rail to help her aim and measure those tricky shots. The rails were made from maple, which would provide a sturdy, scratch-free plane to lean against. The bumpers on the inside of the rails were still elastic and provided an excellent rebound to the balls.


Itching to play, she unloaded all the pool balls, including the cue, onto the table. But there was one problem—all the balls were congregating to one side of the table, indicating the pool table was uneven. Luckily, the pool table had built-in levelers, and she enlisted the help of a red-hooded girl and her grandma to make the table even. Though the pub didn’t have a carpentry level available, Goldilocks downloaded a free leveling app on her phone to assist. Grandma, surprisingly strong for her age, lifted up one end of the table and Goldi adjusted the leg levelers until the pool table was perfectly even.

Cue Stick

After racking the balls on the slate-topped, now even table, Goldilocks, or “Goldipockets” as she was known at the billiards, went to the rack of cue sticks to choose her weapon. The first stick was 42” long, which would have been perfect for the smaller table. The second stick stood at 57”, but was simply too big—it was taller than her! Instead she opted for the 48” cue stick, which was a perfect size for the 8.5’ x 4.25’ table.  Now, all she needed was an opponent. Her watchful gaze took her to a family bears in the corner who quietly eating bowls porridge. “Hey,” she said, “Any of you fuzzballs want to break?”