Score with Wilson Football

From its humble beginnings in 1913, Wilson Sporting Equipment has built a name for itself among sports enthusiasts, from the aspiring youth to the rugged professional athlete. Founder Thomas E. Wilson made great strides in the early days of Wilson Sporting Goods to assure excellence in quality—especially in football.

Wilson Footballs

The company established a brain trust of pro-athletes and renowned coaches to ensure that top-of-the-line products would carry the Wilson name. Member and Notre Dame Coach Knute Rockne helped immensely in the making of the official game ball with a wobble-free, spiral pass.

Seven years later, the National Football League (NFL) recognized Wilson’s next breakthrough in innovation when it selected the new “Duke” football to be the official game ball. Made with the finest materials, the “Duke” drove brand popularity, and Wilson footballs have been carried in the hands of pros ever since. To guarantee American-made products, Wilson opened a football factory in Ada, Ohio. The average 4,000 footballs produced per day in the factory vary from Youth NFL Salute to Service Balls to White Panel Autograph NFL Footballs. From American Youth Football to the NFL, Wilson has dominated the scene and is a brand to be reckoned with in the world of football.

Sports Authority commits to carrying the latest high-quality Wilson footballs, gear and accessories for our customers.

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