DC SHOES Men's Focus Snowboard - 2013/2014 - Possible Cosmetic Defects

The DC SHOESŪ men's Focus snowboard demands attention whether you're on it or not, so you may as well learn some sweet tricks to steal back the spotlight. With a true twin shape and forgiving flex, it helps you carve up the hillside and catch some big air even if you haven't logged a lot of hours on a board just yet. The anti-camber profile creates a flat section between the bindings for extra stability throughout your wild ride.

List Price: $319.99*
OUR PRICE: $249.98

DC Shoes Men's Gizmo Snowboarding Boots - Possible Cosmetic Defects

List Price: $199.99*
Our Price: $169.98

K2 Men's New Black Snowboard Boots - 2011/2012 - Potential Cosmetic Defects

List Price: $229.95*
Our Price: $139.97

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