Völkl Katana All-Mountain Skis - 2011/2012

Designed for expert skiers who stay in the fresh powder, the VÖLKL Katana skis feature a 111-millimeter waist for excellent float in the loose stuff. The Sensorwood® core is matched with two sheets of titanium for power and stability, and it dampens vibration at high speeds. The Extended Low Profile® rocker has an elongated, gradual bend that provides uniform contact in all conditions and extraordinary maneuverability.

List Price: $1065*
OUR PRICE: $532.5

NORDICA Hot Rod Tempest Skis with Bindings

List Price: $999.99*
Our Price: $500

Nordica Men's Hot Rod Tempest Integrated Ski System - 2010/2011 - Possible Cosmetic Defects

List Price: $999.99*
Our Price: $449.97

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