MIDLAND LXT118 Series Two-Way Radios - 2-Pack

These MIDLAND® LXT118 Series two-way radios are wonderful for work or play. They offer 22 channels, a range of up to 18 miles and are water resistant for extra durability. A keypad lock stops you from accidentally going on air, and a battery life extender lets you use them as long as possible before fresh batteries are required. Mic and headphone jacks are provided for extra versatility.

List Price: $29.99*
OUR PRICE: $24.97

MIDLAND LXT600VP3 Two-Way Radios - 30-Mile Range

List Price: $69.99*
Our Price: $49.97

MIDLAND LXT500VP3 Two-Way Radios - 24-Mile Range

List Price: $44.99*
Our Price: $34.97

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