Running Shoe Buyers Guide

Go Redefine Your Run
Shoe Types

Check out the different types of shoes and the features they have. Remember to buy the shoes that are the most comfortable for you.
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Replacing Shoes

Replacing your shoes should occur on a regular schedule, to prevent running injuries. Find out the signs that you need to replace your shoes, and what you can do with your old pair.
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Shoe Fit

Running shoes fit a little differently from casual shoes. Protect your feet, ankles, and joints with these tips to get the best fit.
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Do you already know what you want? Jump straight to shopping! Build your perfect running experience from head to heel.
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What’s in a Shoe? Click on a section to learn more.

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Achilles Collar – Notched: The Achilles tendon protrudes just above the heel. To protect it from chafing and swelling, the heel collar, or Achilles collar, is the top of the heel counter which is notched to contour around the tendon, and is padded for additional comfort.

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