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Are you a skater? Do you hit the skate park and tear it up or just like to exercise by skating outdoors? Well, the Sports Authority has what you need to get in gear for all your in-line skating sporting goods and gear.

Sports Authority knows that when it comes to in-line skating there are different levels of skaters, and types of skating. If you are a recreational skater, we have fantastic recreation skates designed for comfort and functionality for any afternoon ride. Easy to stop rear brakes assist even the newest skaters feel in control and comfortable with their in line skating experience. Ohh, and by the way, they look cool too. f you are an aggressive skater, and have been skating for years, check out some great brands such as Bladerunner, Rollerblade, Corr, K2, Remz, and Razors for all the best in aggressive skates and accessories. Heelyís are also great ways for the younger skater to get around, wheeled footwear is super popular and kids love it, and Sports Authority has some great styles for kids wheeled footwear.

In line skating is popular, but donít forget about roller skates too, the Roller Derby section of the skating category has some great stuff for people who like to skate, but prefer roller skates to the in line options.

Been skating a while and need to maintain or upgrade your skates? Sports Authority has great parts for you, such as brake pads, wheels, and bearings, and on the protection side, protective helmets and scrape guards and wrist pads so that all the Sports Authority skating enthusiasts can be safe as well as get a great workout and have fun too!

So check out the Sports Authorityís collection of in line skates, and get out on the road or to the skate park, tear it up and enjoy the day!