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Yoga and Pilates are great ways to get yourself balanced and strengthen your body and core all at the same time.

Sports Authority understands this and strives to carry all the latest products and technology to help all our customers to the best choices in fitness core training and yoga equipment. From balance aids, fitness balls, toning and resistance tools, through the most comfortable apparel for your yoga and pilates training, we have all you can ask for and more. Choose from great brands like Body Flex, Nike, adidas, Body Solid, Teeter, Health Mark, Fitness Quest, Powerline and more!

If stretching and strengthening are your keys to success, Sports Authority has great fitness benches and inversion tables and equipment to fit your individual needs. Inversion machine accessories and fitness mats are important, but rebounding and pilates rings and toning equipment are also great products to add to your training regiment. Technology as well can only help you enhance all your workouts and we carry all the latest trends in yoga, pilates and core training equipment. From the Ab Circle, Iron Gym, Ab Rocket and other products that you may have seen on TV, all the way through Slendertone which combines electric pulse technology to stimulate specific muscle groups, you will find them in our Yoga and Pilates training sections.

Total Body workouts require variations to keep all your muscle groups working at their maximum potential. Trainers are always combining weight training with proper stretching and breathing to get the most out of their clients, so why canít you emulate all their yoga toning and core training in your own home? The answer is you can if you browse the Sports Authority Yoga, Pilates and Toning sporting goods equipment.