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Its never too late, or the wrong time of year to hit the gym, work out, and get fit! Sports Authority is your store for the best and latest weight liffting equipment. If you are looking for general weights we have exercise weights for any local or home gym. Choose from weight benches, Home Gyms, dumbbells, and kettlebells. If free weights are what you need, check out the Plates and Racks page on the Weight Training category page. The Sports Authority has the best brands from S.A. Gear, and Cap Barbell, Powerline, and Champion, all the way through Iron Gym and Golds Gym and other names that you may have seen on commercials and TV. Shop the Bowflex Collection for the latest technology in resistance home gyms, as well as the extremely popular SelectTech dumbbells. Whether you like power lifting or prefer to use your own weight as a resistance tool, your weight lifting experience should begin with the Sports Authoritys selection of Power Towers, Smith Machines, and total body workout products. Weight training gear is not lilmited to plates, pulleys, or cables. Get the most out of your workout and lifting routine with lifting gloves, belts, straps and supports for any level of fitness. Even if you are not an everyday exerciser, the right weight lifting gear can still make a huge difference in how you attack your routine. Light hand weights all the way through competition grade racks and home gyms, get the most out of any training session, and we at Sport Authority strive to carry what it is that you are looking for. Getting started in weight lifting is a great idea and Sports Authority saves you a lot with various free shipping and special delivery options once you have found the right fit for your workouts. So, hit the gym and have fun! We hope you enjoy browsing our collection as you check out all the best cutting edge categories in weight lifting equipment.