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Turn your next boating trip into a water wonderland of adventure. Sports Authority carries a huge variety of water trampolines and accessories to help boost the excitement during your next lake or pool party. Choose from our selection of inflatable water parks for hours of family fun or collect multiple components and create your own fantasy water park! The possibilities are endless with our great selection of attachments.

Never experienced the fun of a water trampoline? With just one of these unique stations or pool trampolines you can provide hours of fun and entertainment for all your friends and family. Bounce, jump, dive, climb and launch your way to some of the best water fun you’ve ever experienced! Not only are water trampolines an endless source of entertainment, but they’re also a great way to get exercise. Keep your crew active and occupied all day long or simply use it to lounge around under the sun. Kids of all ages with enjoy water trampolines and you’ll find that even adults will want to get in on the action.

After you’ve purchased your water trampoline, you can add even more fun by expanding with water park attachments. Test your balance with the RAVE SPORTS Large Aqua Log, or take a plunge off of AVIVA’s “Walk The Plank” attachment. Catapult your friends into the air with an aqua launcher or add on a slide for young kids. You can even expand your water park with one of our many play stations. Find mountains to climb, teeter totters, volleyball nets, water rockers and more. Many stations include multiple play areas and uses. The AQUAGLIDE Summit Express features multiple play areas including a climbing wall, giant slide, bouncer, monkey bars and an extra large cave. Don’t forget that you can purchase many versions of the water trampoline with attachments already included. Make your next lake party something to remember, surprise everyone with your own recreational water park!