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The designers over at Mongoose aren’t wasting any time admiring the construction of bikes from the past. Ever since they were founded in 1974, the good people at Mongoose have been in the park, on the track and out in the hills, testing new designs and discovering innovative bicycle technology. From cast-magnesium MotoMag wheels, to their new series of BMX, Mountain and pavement bikes, Mongoose doesn’t look to push the limits, they aim to set new ones.

Sports Authority offers a variety of Mongoose bicycles. Shop here for Mongoose mountain bikes and three different Mongoose BMX bike models. When looking to purchase your new performance bicycle, you should first ask yourself what kind of terrain you’ll most likely be riding. Mountain bikes are designed to survive in rougher terrain, where as BMX bikes are built for agility and performance. In order to find a bike that best fits your needs, read below to learn about the standard features on both styles, and the specific kind of riding they are both designed for.

BMX bikes are designed for short, fast trips over flat, man-made tracks. They usually feature a small, simple and rigid frame to account for the severe impacts of BMX style racing. Standard BMX tires usually measure between 20 and 24 inches to allow for rapid changes in direction. As for brakes and gears, BMX bikes typically only use one rear caliper brake and a single gear matched by sprocket size to the power and tempo of the rider. Unlike mountain biking, Mongoose BMX bikes have no suspension and require the rider to absorb impact through their legs and body.

Mongoose Mountain bikes are the complete opposite of BMX-style bicycles. Their larger frames and bigger wheels are meant to take on rocky trails. Mountain bikes feature a more powerful set of breaks – a must to handle mud, water and the heat generated during a long descent. Where BMX bikes only utilize one gear, Mongoose mountain bikes have up to 24 to accommodate varying terrain ranging from steep climbs to long, flat straights. Because of their extreme range, mountain bikes are available with various types of suspension systems to handle irregularities in the ground and provide cushion and control for the rider.