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Safety tips for football players

Our partners at USA Football have a dedicated mission to make sure that players are as safe as possible during training and the big game. From football gear to training tools, their site has a wealth of knowledge and safety tips that parents and players should be aware of.

Here’s some links to get you started:

USA Football also has a collection of rule books for youth football, and a blog that goes beyond safety to talk about other concerns parents, coaches, and players might have.

Here’s a quick safety overview:

  • Sun and Hydration: Sunscreen and water/electrolytes breaks, often. All of those layers and layers of gear can be sweltering in the summer and fall. Those layers may keep the player safe from contact, but it also causes severe dehydration and heat exhaustion or cramps. It can even get to the dangerous point where a player faints. Players on the offense and defense should rest and drink as often as they can when benched. They should also be able to remove their helmets easily to get a bit of air.

  • Prevent injuries through proper training and prioritization. Many of the injuries youth athletes get follow them through their entire life. By teaching kids that staying healthy is more important than winning, they may actually be able to get beyond their thirties with working, pain-free knees, backs, and bodies.

  • Make sure all football equipment fits properly. A proper fit means that the equipment can work like it’s supposed to. A sliding pad or a too-tight helmet can make a game situation dangerous. If a player is distracted by their gear they’ll be off-guard and open to injury.

  • Know how to recognize injury signs, and get the player treatment in a safe, swift manner. Don’t ever send an injured player out on the field. Don’t exacerbate old injuries by overtraining recovering players.

Awareness and knowledge are the keys to keeping players active and healthy. Before going on the field, arm yourself with all the info you need to stay safe!

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