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Have you heard? Boxing isn’t just for pay per view anymore! Boxing is a great workout for your whole body!

Sports Authority knows this and is proud to carry all the best in Boxing brands and sporting goods equipment. From Boxing Gloves, heavy bags, speed bags, and footwear, through Boxing bag sets, hand wraps, and jump ropes, Sports Authority has what it is you are looking for.

The best Boxers in the world are in the best shape and walk with great confidence. You can strive for the same goals with the Sports Authority’s selection of Boxing’s best brands. Nike, Everlast, BodyFit, TKO, Pure Boxing, GoFit, and Harbinger are just a few of the name brands in boxing equipment that grace our selections. We even have full length and ¾ length boxing robes! Ladies, gear up for your workout as well! Shop the Sports Authority’s Women’s Boxing section.

Regardless of how serious of a workout you are looking for, Sports Authority’s Boxing selection will be a tremendous help for anyone looking to get in great shape and improve coordination and stamina with all the best brands and products in boxing equipment and fitness gear.